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Lyceum Kennedy French American School


Crêpe Day 2024

Crêpe Day at Lyceum Kennedy was a success! Thank you to our Parents Association, class parents, and teachers for facilitating this event! Students filled their delicious treats with toppings like fruit, honey, jam, and whipped cream, making for a sweet start to the week.

Winter Shows 2023

The lower school winter shows featured fantastic singing and dancing from our LK students! Our talented young performers wowed the audience with their melodious tunes and impressive dance moves. It was a joyous celebration of their hard work and passion for music and movement. Thank you to everyone who joined us in cheering on our amazing students!  Thank you to Mr. Max, our incredible music teacher, and our lower school teachers for their hard work in coordinating the memorable shows!

Yearbook Contest Winners

Each year, a competition is held for student artists from 2nd to 12th grade to win a spot on the front cover of the yearbook. This year's theme, "The Spirit of the Olympics," elicited many amazingly creative submissions! The first-place winner's artwork will go on the front cover and the second-place winner's will go on the back cover. To honor all of the contest participants, a page inside the yearbook will display all of the artwork submitted this year! Congratulations!

The Annual Week of French Schools Abroad

The sixth edition of the Week of French Schools Abroad took place last week and focused on the theme "Learn, get involved, flourish: sport for all". This week is organized by the AEFE, the Agency for French Education Abroad to promote excellence and quality education in French schools internationally. From debates to written projects, students have participated in various sports-related educational activities throughout the last week!

Graphic Novels Workshop with Achdé ("Lucky Luke") and Jean Bastide ("Boule & Bill")

As part of the International Franco-Belgian Comics Festival in the USA organized by the SSJ Agency, the Lyceum Kennedy upper school was honored to welcome Achdé, author and illustrator of "Lucky Luke" and "Kid Lucky", and Jean Bastide, author and illustrator of "Boule & Bill" and "Idéfix" series, among others, for a workshop and Q&A with students. The 6th through 9th-grade students and the graphic novel elective students were split into groups and took part in two successive workshops with each of the comic strip authors.


The authors presented their career paths and also led workshops on how to create comics, including their own tips and tricks. The workshop was part of the "Cartoons and Bubbles" educational project, which aims to equip students with the skills they need to take part in a comics competition organized by the International Franco-Belgian Comics Festival in the USA. The students will now work with their art teacher, French teachers, and librarian to produce their own comic strip page based on the theme "Let's move things together" and compete.