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Lyceum Kennedy French American School

Parent Association

Valentina Buj
PA President

Nadia Bonnet
PA Vice President

Nathalie Razzouk
PA Secretary

Dina Mayifuila
PA Treasurer

The Parents Association of Lyceum Kennedy (PA) is formed as a not for profit, 501(c)(3) charity. The PA operates independently from the school, and remains in close contact with the school administration and staff.

What we do

Its main goal is to facilitate parents participation in the school, plan and run activities, and ultimately to create and strengthen a community spirit in the school and beyond. The PA also supports the school by volunteering during school outings, field trips and other events as needed.

Who we are

The PA is run by an executive board made up of 4 officers (President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer) elected annually. All parents or guardians of a child attending the school are automatically member sof the PA, and are entitled to vote on all PA-related matters. Each parent or guardian is entitled to one (1) vote.

To assist the PA board, each grade shall have a parent representative, known as Class Parent, who also serves as the focal point between the teachers and parents in said grade. Class parents are not elected, one or more parents volunteer for the position.

All of the PA-sponsored activities are possibly only with the help and support of parent volunteers who give their time, energy and share ideas for fun and educational activities.

Month Activities
September Back-to-school picnic, Sale of second-hand uniforms and pencil pouches made out of recycled uniforms (fundraiser)  
October Halloween decorations  
November Thanksgiving pies & quiche sales (fundraiser)  
December Holiday decorations  
January King's brioche (Galette des Rois), Sale of second-hand uniforms and pencil pouches made out of recycled uniforms (fundraiser)
February Crêpe Day
May Teacher Appreciation activities, Summer workbooks (fundraiser)
June  End of the school year picnic

Class Parents 2023-24