Field Trips

Lyceum Kennedy field trips enhance the curricula and are a dynamic part of the learning process. The field trips present a real opportunity to experience new activities and to discover the local environment and community.

Each class enjoys frequent field trips throughout the academic year. Our students explore museums, art galleries, attend theater performances and visit local points of interest such as the firehouses, parks, and neighborhood businesses.

Students are offered the opportunity to go on overnight field trips. These field trips not only let students explore the world around them, they also teach independence and problem-solving.

Our students look forward to Lyceum Kennedy’s signature field trips:

  • Nature’s Classroom.  2nd through 5th grade classes travel to Connecticut or Long Island for a few days of environmental education.
  • Hunter Mountain Adventure.  Middle and upper school students participate in a ski trip four days during the winter.
  • Maritime Aquarium Experience. 1st graders are offered an overnight stay in a local aquarium.

We encourage students to participate in these learning opportunities, these trips are mandatory and require an extra fee.