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Lyceum Kennedy French American School

Scholarships & Financial Aid

Preschool Grant for United Nations Staff Members

Lyceum Kennedy offers an automatic 30% reduction in tuition costs for United Nations staff members that enroll their child in nursery or pre-K (ages 2-4). This grant applies to all full-time United Nations staff, regardless of income level. 

School Financial Aid

Lyceum Kennedy is partnered with School and Student Services (SSS), a web-based platform, to process your financial aid applications. They utilize the system built by the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS) and are maintained by the NAIS task force to remain relevant to current economic realities and NAIS standards of best practice. 

If you are interested in applying for financial aid, please go to the SSS Family Portal and start registration by creating a Parents’ Financial Statement (PFS).  To register, use our school code: 160310

  1. If you are a US resident who files a U.S. Federal Tax return, submit the Federal Tax Return (Form 1040) and W-2 Form or Form 1099. If your W-2 form is not available, submit your paystub, which shows year-to-date earnings.
  2. If you are a United Nations employee who does not file a U.S. Federal Tax return, submit your latest earnings statement which shows year-to-date earnings.
  3. If you are a Mission/Consulate employee, submit a statement signed by your relevant authority at the Mission or Consulate showing your annual salary and the amount of housing/education allowance if you are entitled.

Please note that Lyceum Kennedy School Financial Aid is for families who do not receive an education grant from United Nations or the government.

For detailed information about the SSS and how to complete the Parents’ Financial Statement, please visit the SSS ParentsResource Center, and if you have any questions, you can contact the SSS family support center at (800)-344-8328. You can also reach out to Lyceum Kennedy’s Director of Finance, Hisashi Hariya, for questions at

French National Scholarships (Bourses scolaires)

Parents interested in applying for or renewing a French national scholarship for the tuition of their child are invited to apply directly to the Social Services of the French General Consulate in New York. These scholarships are solely reserved for children claiming French nationality.

For more information, visit