Admissions Criteria

Students working in class in Manhattan private school Lyceum Kennedy

The Admission process to be enrolled in our school is selective and based on factors which include previous school performance (academics and discipline), teacher recommendations, a discovery day (optional) and a commitment to bilingual education.


To enroll in our nursery, a child must be at least three years of age on or before December 31st. In addition, all children must be able to use the restroom independently (training pants and pull-ups are not allowed in the program).

For children who already attended a preschool program, we request the following:

  • Submit previous report cards or progress report (if available)
  • The applicant’s current teacher must complete and submit Evaluation Form Nursery through 1st grade. The completed form must be sent to the Lyceum Kennedy admissions office directly from the applicant’s current school:
  • Applicants may participate in a half or full Discovery Day visit if possible. This is an informal assessment of the applicant’s developmental readiness.

Elementary School

To apply for admission to our Elementary School, students must meet the following admission criteria and requirements:

  • Submit report cards or progress reports from the past two years.
  • Have a basic understanding of the French and English languages.
  • Complete Follow-up Discovery Day.

Middle School & High School 

Students applying to our Middle or High school must meet the following admission criteria and requirements:

  • Able to do grade level work in French.
  • Fluent in French (written and spoken).
  • A basic understanding of the English Language (written and spoken).
  • Submit a letter of intent.
  • Provide report cards from the past two years.
  • Submit two letters of recommendation from two separate teachers.

Please visit our admissions process page for a step by step application guide.